Welcome! Come and watch YouTube in slow motion with us!

We've added some new features for you!

As you might have noticed, we've got a fresh look for the site and we have added mobile and tablet support, so you can enjoy watching your YouTube videos in slow motion from any device.

Like always, we'll help you slow down your videos, but wait - there's more! We now utilize some additional slow motion methods, which will definitelly bring you better results! You can now use our Advanced mode or stick with the Easy mode when slowing down your videos.

What's the difference?

Easy mode

With the easy mode, we'll take care of the ratios that help us slow down your videos, like always - one easy slider to control how much your video is slowed!

Advanced mode

You want more control, and need to achieve a different or a better result? Feel free to use the new advanced mode, that will give you full control of the two variable sliders that you can experiment with to get the video slowed in a way you want.

We now give you the option to play a video from point A to point B, so let's say that in the 10 minute video, you find 5 seconds that you want to watch over and over.


Just use the set point A and set point B buttons displayed below your video. The video will then jump back to point A any time it reaches point B!

Can I use slow motion at the same time?

The answer is YES! Just set points A and B, and slow down the video at the same time!

It's no fun to laugh alone and sharing is caring. You can now share the slowed video directly to Facebook or Twitter. The same slow motion, repeat, and loop settings that you applied to the video when you sahred it will get used every time your friends watch your video!


There are four share buttons below the video, two for Facebook, and two for Twitter. One of the buttons will share the video with the selected options(slow motion, loop, etc.) and the other one will share it without options.

If you are using our website a lot, you might remember that our old slow motion feature turned off the audio by default. We had to do this because the function that was slowing down the video, was making the sound click, and we decided to mute it by default. While we still can't completely remedy this, due to limitations of the YouTube player, we have now made the volume drop when the click happens, and then we bring the volume back up.

What can I do with the sound?

You have the following options when it comes to controlling the sound:

Toggle audio fading

When turned on, your volume will change to avoid the clicking sounds, when turned off, your volume will always stay the same, and you can set it within the player.

Max volume up/down

These buttons only work when your audio fading is turned on. The volume goes down before the click sound, and then goes back up to a certain point. If you set max volume higher, it will return to a higher volume, and if you don't want the volume to go above the certain point, you can simply press the max volume down until you find the setting you like.