Watch in slow motion

Slow motion status: INACTIVE

Slow motion controls
Use the sliders to play the video slower or faster!

Controls how much the video will advance on each step Controls the time between advancing the video

Loop status: INACTIVE

Loop/repeat controls
Press the button to set start and stop points to the current time or just play the whole video on repeat

Loop start is set to:
Not set!
Loop end is set to:
Not set!

Share with your friends!

So you slowed down a video of someone falling and made the fall repeat, what now? Share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, or just get the share link, so you can post it anywhere you want! The same loop and slow motion settings that you used will be applied for anyone that uses the link!

Bookmark us!

Drag the buttons into your browser bookmarks, and any time you're on youtube, you can simply click the bookmark, and your video will be slowed, repeated, or looped!